How Much of a Cleansing Product Should I Use?

Vu Dang -

People normally base the amount they use on the volume of foam the product yields. A product’s foam quantity, however, has very little to do with how well the product itself cleanses your skin. Because the majority of consumers prefer a fine, creamy foam, many products have special foaming agents added, which actually have a minimal cleansing effect or even none at all. With most high-quality products, less is more when it comes to foam.

In the case of sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash, a pea-sized amount is sufficient for washing your hands and face, which means you can use a 200ml bottle 400 times. If you use sebamed’s soap-free Cleansing Bar, rub it against your wet hands, wash cloth, or sponge four or five times. You will be able to use the amount that rubs off to thoroughly wash your hands and face.

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